Research for sports masterplan and facility inventory

sports masterplan and facility inventory

Nearly all of the Gulf countries (GCC) aim for an improvement of their own people’s health. With the full awareness that sports and recreation plays a vital role in improving the quality of life in general as well as for health, social and physical education of the youth; there are plans for nationwide visions for public sports facilities to supplement the existing sports master plan.

The main objective of the undertaking is to develop a guideline for future decisions regarding programs and sports entertainment facilities, which are based on the needs of the local and foreign population and to match these requirements with the existing and projected landscape of parks, recreation and entertainment facilities with a view towards the next two decades.

MJR partnered with the world-wide known and respected architectural and master planning specialist AS&P, Germany, and developed this master plan for one of the GCC countries. The project is ongoing and will be finalized and published end of April 2015. More details will follow very soon. MJR’s role was undertaking a qualitative and quantitative research into the local and expat population including survey’s and focus groups. Second target was the creation of a complete nation-wide sports venues inventory including existing and future parkland, recreational areas, arenas, stadiums, fitness studios, swimming pools etc.



Coliseum Conference
FMQ conference

MJR’s two flagship conferences are Coliseum – sports venues of the world, dedicated to design, delivery, operations & legacy of stadia and arenas globally and Facility Management Qatar – making buildings more efficient.

Coliseum conference series is held four times a year in the United States, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The summit started in 2011 with 80 delegates in its first edition and has grown up to 280 delegates since then. Coliseum was held in Qatar, Turkey, India, Iraq in the past and has now reached the US which will be a permanent event in the coming years. The Middle East edition will hold its 5th edition in 2015.

FMQ became the only conference in Qatar dedicated to the Facility Management sector in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning. This year will witness the 4th edition of FMQ with growing interest of sponsors and delegates throughout the country. The FMQ summit became essential to the FM industry in the Gulf state because the perception and definition of quality FM is still in its early stages.


Corporate events

Corporate events

Everyone can choose an attractive location and choose the right table cover. That’s not why corporates hire us. Our value is to make sure that even our client’s clients are present when it comes to a corporate event. That’s why Philips and Mehler have chosen MJR because they knew we will approach the challenge the hard way and do much more than just sending out invitations. With persistence and flair we made sure 40 to 50 key clients joined the event.

This is the centerpiece of our service. Of course, when it comes to organising an event, we offer the whole enchilada from A to Z – airport pick up to zebra stripes on the napkins.


Corporate branding

Corporate branding (Shafieisteel)
Corporate branding (BG2 Global Solutions)

When clients ask us if we offer branding services, we gladly chart out the next step. While MJR starts off with a web page as the first branding portal, we offer a range of branding services to suit the needs of our clients. However, we ensure that we play to our strength and remain within our field of expertise without straying outside our knowledge border. For instance, to make a website successful you need SEO (search engine optimization); to make a corporate design stand out you need knowledge about competitors etc.

MJR can guarantee this expertise. Shafiei Steel and bg2 Global, for example, asked us to be more involved in their marketing activities in addition to event sponsoring. So we went in. The results speak for themselves. No doubt, branding is a question of taste too but at the end it comes down to price, quality and timing. And MJR’s package is certainly the right one.


Corporate travel

Corporate travel

When corporates travel, they have their own ideas and agenda. However they need a reliable partner on location to make the trip worthwhile. It’s not a big deal to organize an entertainment program for the participants but when the delegates meet the local partners it needs a lot of local knowledge and intuition. Especially when the travel leads to the Middle East and if the travelers are journalists.

MJR organized a media familiarisation trip for the German stock-listed company Bilfinger hitting Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai with 15 most influential economic journalists as the cargo. Bridging the local sensitivity with sensitivity was the aim. And of course the guys had a lot of fun jumping on a small plane and cruising above Dubai’s skyline.


Corporate publishing

Corporate publishing

Uniting our three key expertise areas – journalism, research, publishing – we ended up creating another service for our clients: Publishing on their behalf. We are a third party and therefore the publication more credibility than an image brochure done by the client.

MJR has brought out corporate publications for gmp architects, Populous and Cox architecture in the past. The current project features Fenwick Iribarren Architects.



Coliseum Publishing

Publishing is one of core businesses of MJR. Since the owner of MJR published his first magazine in 2000 the focus of publishing always stayed on the human side of business. This reflects on the cover pages, which always show key players in the industries. MJR was one of the first publishers back at that time to use this concept and stayed loyal to it since then.

Currently MJR publishes Coliseum – sports venues of the world and FMQ -making buildings more efficient. Each title is published thrice a year and is an important element in the knowledge-sharing triangle: conference – magazine – online.